Printed & Delivered Selfie Frames FAQs

Q1: How long does it take to deliver?
A: For delivery options please click here

However, if you need it sooner than this, then you can go with our Digital File option that you print on your own. Here's the link to order digital only: www.ArtAndStickers.com/digital

We will verify and send you your printable file within 12 - 24 hours after that, along with printing instructions. You can take this file to a print shop nearby and use same-day service to get it done asap. Please refer to printing instructions below in Digital Frames FAQs section 

Q2: Is there a shipping tracking number?
A: Our shipping tracking numbers are usually available and sent on the same day of communicated expected delivery date. The expected delivery date will be communicated shortly after you submit your complete design. (check spam folder)

Q3: I just placed an order on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, how do I customize? Do I send you the details? (External Orders)

A: Using a computer (preferred), please select the purchased frame and customize interactively here:
Please make sure to check out completely again (free) in order for us to receive the design. If you need help customizing, please watch this quick video that shows you how to customize:

Q4: Can I use this frame as a selfie prop? 
A: Yes, absolutely! Selfie props, photobooths, indoor & outdoor! 

Q5: Will the frame be ready to use out of the box (Can you cut out the middle section for me)? 
A: For our customers in the United States, we now offer the frame to be pre-cut unless otherwise communicated. For customers elsewhere, you will only have to cut out the center using art or utility knife. The process is easy and simple (takes 5-10 minutes). Here is a video shows you how if you are not sure:


Q6: What material will be used for mounting?
A: By default, we use corrguated plastic 4mm, which is the best fit for indoor/outdoor and the purpose of selfie frames. However, we have other options if you would like to consider, please email/call us to note that for your order. You can find a comparison between different materials here: ArtAndStickers.com/material

Q7: I am having hard time customizing the frame on the website (How to customize/personalize)
A: You can watch this quick video that shows you how to customize: www.ArtAndStickers.com/HowToCustomize
Please take a look at Q.8 & 12.
If  all above doesn't work for you, we are happy to do it on your behalf. Please email us (sales@ArtAndStickers.comthe following details:

- Frame type: for Instagram specify latest or throwback layout

- Color

- Location

- Your event title

- Time on top

- Your Instagram profile name

- Number of likes

- Any hashtags or other info to include under the cut out

- Caption

- Attach the photo that you would like to use for your PROFILE PHOTO

For other frame types, feel free to specify what's relevant

Q8: I can not select a design, the "Please pick a design" button/menu is not working for me or showing gray?
A: Please try a different browser on a computer or try to hard-refresh and wait for a few moments. To do that: Press Ctrl (or Command on Mac) + Shift + R. For browser specific shortcut, please visit: How-To-Hard-Refresh

Q9: How do I add emojis to my design?
A: Click on second top left button "Pictures", and you will see emojis there, click on any of them, and they will load into your design. Adjust size and position to how you like it. You can also download any emoji as a photo from internet, then import it by clicking on same aforementioned button, then click on + then upload a picture. After it uploads, you can click on it from the left panel, and it will load in your design shortly.

Q10: Can I change background color, theme or add my own logo/photo?
A: Yes, you can play around with the design however you want. Feel free to explore options by trying them on your design. If you would like to start with a plain board that you completely design on your own, please go to: www.artandstickers.com/plain

Q11: What is External Order Number?
A: If you see this, that means you must have placed an order out of our website (e.g., Amazon, Etsy, eBay). Thus, you should have a transaction or order number from there after you paid. Please provide that. If you don't find it, just use your name instead of external order number, and will try to locate your order.

In case this is your first time trying to place an order with us and you have not paid anywhere else yet, please choose a product directly from: www.ArtAndStickers.com  (instead of the external-order-link):

Q12: The screen is partially/completely black when trying to customize?
A: This is a browser cache issue. Please hard-refresh the page. To do that: Press Ctrl (or Command on Mac) + Shift + R. For browser specific shortcut, please visit: How-To-Hard-Refresh

Digital Only Frames FAQs

Q1: How long does it take to get my file?
A: Typically, within 12 hours after you submit your complete customized frame at our website.

Q2: Where do I print my file?
A: If you live in the U.S., and would like to print with us, we offer the best rates in the market and best material, and it takes only 7 days to deliver to your place. Please submit your printing request here: artandstickers.com/print

If you would like to print on your own instead, then after you downloaded and edited your digital file with your selected size, you can take the file on a USB drive to any print shop such as Office Depot, Staples, etc. Ask them to print it on the same size that you chose for your file. 

You can also ask your print shop to mount it for you, OR you can mount it yourself by using a foam board or cardboard as backing. Use an adhesive spray to glue the paper and foam board together, then use a sharp utility knife to cut the middle gray area out. 

Q3: If you have questions related to customizing.
A: You can refer to the section above as it's same process as for printed & delivered frames.

PDF Templates (Available only on Etsy)

Q1: How do I customize it?

A: Please watch the step-by-step tutorial here: youtube.com/watch?v=Hg61shOuem4

Q2. How do I download my files?

A: Using your computer (NOT phone), you should be able to see download option at check out. However, sometime it takes time for payment processing, and you should receive an email from Etsy with download link. For further help, kindly check this out:


Q3. Do I send you the details for customization?

A: No, your purchase includes editable PDFs that you edit on your own by following instructions above. If you want us to do it, you can purchase from our website and choose "digital file only" option: www.ArtAndStickers.com

Q.4 How can I add emojis?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot add emojis to PDF templates. If you wish to get a frame with emojis, please consider buying our other listings on our website where you can customize interactively and add emojis: www.ArtAndStickers.com

Q5. I see blue shades in the text fields, will this print?

A: No, it will not print. To turn it off, click on Edit - Preferences (For Mac, click on Adobe Reader in the top left corner then Preferences), choose Forms, unselect Highlight Color, then hit ok.

Q6. I see overlapped shades in the text fields, will this print?

A: No, it will not print. The reason of this overlap is to give you flexibility in your texts. Also, to get rid of the overlap, you can add spaces to the beginning of the second text box.

Q7. Can I change the font or color?

A: Unfortunately, not. Unless you use Adobe Acrobat Pro, which is not free. If you wish to change font/color, please consider buying our products on our website where you can customize interactively and change anythingwww.ArtAndStickers.com

Q8. I am having troubles importing my photo? 

A: When you click on profile photo, if it prompts you to select photo, but you don't see your photo, then kindly convert your photo into pdf then import it. You can use a free online converter like this one: http://www.convert-jpg-to-pdf.net

If the button doesn't click at all, or nothing is prompting, then kindly try to redownload the original files from Etsy and save them somewhere else, then try to import photo the first thing. You can also try updating Java on your computer. If still doesn't work for you, please email us your edited saved pdf file along with your photo, and will do it for you. ( sales@ArtAndStickers.com )

Q9. I see black boxes and text

A: That means you are not opening the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader, please right click on the file and choose open with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Q10. When I save the template, I don't see the text, only the template? File is not saving?

A: When saving, please choose from File -> Save As, and choose a place to save the file and provide a new unique name, it should work. If not, make sure you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader (not pro).

Q11. When uploading or taking PDF file to print shop, it's not showing the words even though it works on my computer.

A: Some print shops have old software, thus, you need to convert PDF file into JPG image, please use this website to do so:


There's a tutorial video in the bottom of the first page for steps. Make sure to select High Quality JPEG. Kindly upload or take the jpeg photo file to the print shop for best results

Q12. Do you have other social media frames?

A: Yes, please check out other listings at our store:


Or our website: ArtAndStickers.com

General FAQs (Applicable to all products)

Q1: What's the quality of the print/files? Is it High Quality?
A: Yes, all our files and designs are 300 DPI. The highest quality in the market.

Q2: What sizes do you have? How many people can fit in the frame?
A: Please refer to: https://artandstickers.com/size-chart

Q3: Can I request a special size or larger size?
A: We can offer a special request for sizes, but for additional $35. It may also take up to 5 days to finalize the design.
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